Ear tag 2878 for animal identification, 10 pairs

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  1. Sharp and solid tip ensures precise and easy piercing of ears for any animal kind.
  2. Material properties:
    1. Premium grade thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU);
    2. Flexible, biologically inert, non-allergenic;
    3. Resistant to high and low temperatures (-45°C to +80°C);
    4. Resistant to UV radiation, harsh environment and weather conditions;
    5. Excellent performance during the whole animal life (10 years).
  3. Ear tag can be easily marked with marker pen or laser marking.
  4. Male and female freely rotate around its axis after application. The distance between two connected parts is 9,5 ± 0,5 mm.
  5. Lock mechanism is tamper-proof – it’s impossible to detach parts of ear tag after closure on the animal’s ear. The ear tag can be removed only with damage of male stud making it’s impossible to re-use.
  6. The break force of male and female is above 300 N.
  7. Female is semi-open providing good ventilation, ensuring faster healing and preventing infection.
  8. Ear tags can be laser marked with high contrast text, numbers – animal number, customer’s logo etc. Laser marking does not fade, resists to abrasion and lasts for the whole life of the animal.
  • Female part (WxH):
    61х78 mm
  • Male part, diameter:
    28 mm
  • Color:
    Yellow, Green, Red, Pink, Other colors on request (orange, white, blue)
  • Product material:
    Long-life thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
  • Animal kind:
    Cattle, Pigs
  • Content:
    Male & Female parts
  • Life time:
    10 years
  • Packaging:
    Plastic bag, Recycled cardboard planchette
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